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Capsule CRM Review – Cloud Customer Relationship Management

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Capsule CRM Review: Cloud Customer Relationship Management

Capsule CRM is a Cloud Customer Relationship Management tool. The Manchester, UK based company was founded in 2009 and now has customers in over one hundred and fifty counties. Capsule started to gain its following fairly quickly after it launched.

Something that sets Capsule apart is its simple user experience. Also, Capsule is not overly complicated with features that aren’t useful to some small-medium business owners. Users especially like Capsule’s intuitive user interface, and its easy integrations with other programs. For example, Capsule integrates with Xero, Mailchimp, and FreeAgent, to name a few.

Another strong point for Capsule is also its prices. The pricing structure is simple, and there aren’t any hidden upgrade fees that you’ll need after you get started. One of the only issues with Capsule is that the user-permissions feature doesn’t allow you to allow or not allow specific tasks. Admins can add other admins, and everyone can see everything. Depending upon the structure of your business, this could be a positive.

Tagging things throughout Capsule is another very useful feature. This allows you to easily search and quickly find whatever you’re looking for. Of course, Capsule offers all the other features you’d expect from a small business CRM tool, like calendars, tracking relationships, and sales pipelines. Capsule keeps it simple and allows you to track your relationships without complicating the process.

Things to consider:

Is a super simple user interface of high importance to you?

Will you have use for advanced features like campaigns?

What’s your budget?

If you don’t have a need for advanced features like campaigns, and want and simple way to track and manage customer relationships, then Capsule CRM is the best choice for you. If you’re looking for more advance features, check out our overview review of Agile CRM.

The average rating for Capsule CRM is 4 out of 5.

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