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Cloud Computing 101 – Acronyms and Definitions

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New to Cloud computing? We know all the Cloud lingo can be confusing, so here we’ll keep an ongoing list of Cloud computing acronyms, so you can stay in the loop! Check back for updates.

BCaaS = Business Continuity as a Service

A risk management service focused on assisting business with continuity planning and disaster recovery.

CaaS = Communication as a Service

A group of services that includes voice over IP, instant messaging, video conference calls, and other collaboration tools.

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

A customer relations method tries to analyze data about customers’ history with a company, to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention.

DNS = Domain Name Server

A specialized server that translates the domain names into IP addresses. If you want to open a site in your browser, the request will go through a DNS server translating the domain into the IP address (in this case, so it can be communicated to the computer.

DRaaS/RaaS = Disaster Recovery as a Service

A service providing host servers to get operations back up and running immediately after a disaster. DRaaS differs from BCaaS because it focuses primarily on the IT component.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

A standard network protocol created for transferring files between computers in a network.

IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service

A service providing host servers, software, and other infrastructure components for the user on a pay-as-you-go model.

MaaS = Monitoring as a Service

A service that monitors and continuously tracks the state of networks, systems, and applications that are deployable in the cloud.

PaaS = Platform as a Service

A service providing software and hardware tools to the user necessary for Web application development on a per-use or monthly basis.

SaaS = Software as a Service/On-Demand Software

A centrally hosted, subscription-based software delivery model. The user has no control over the infrastructure or application capabilities but is also not responsible for the cost of hosting and updating it.

SECaaS = Security as a Service

A service that involves a third party organization overseeing and managing a company’s security through a subscription model.

STaaS = Storage as a Service

A service that provides rental storage space in their infrastructure to smaller companies on a cost-per-gig and cost-per-transfer basis.

XaaS = ‘Anything’ as a Service

A collective, catch-all acronym.

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