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IDrive Review – Cloud Data Storage, Cloud Hosting

IDrive Cloud Data Storage Cloud Hosting SMB Cloud Service Review Small Medium Business

IDrive: Cloud Data Storage – Cloud Hosting

IDrive is an online Cloud data storage and Cloud hosting service that was started in California. Founded by Raghu Kulkarni in 2007, IDrive is a division of Softnet Corporation. IDrive’s most well known competitors would be Dropbox, Mozy, and Carbonite.

IDrive offers both personal and business plans, the main differences between the two are related to the Business plan’s added features. The file size allowance is unlimited and you can collaborate with your team. With the business plan, you can create sub-accounts. IDrive has two options as far as space is concerned, 1TB and 10TB. Bonus, they offer 5GB for free.

The file restoration is fast and there is a plethora of features. You must stay within the GB/TB limits of your plan, but you can add unlimited devices for free. IDrive can handle all your devices and operating systems, but caters to PC especially well.

This service may be better for someone with a bit more tech literacy than the average person. The edge IDrive has is all the special features, so if you can understand how to use them, then you’ll be able to enjoy all the IDrive has to offer.

Things to consider:

How tech literate are you?

What’s more important to you: unlimited space or the ability to use several devices with the same account?

Would you prefer a super simple user experience, or a bunch of extra features for your business?

If you’re fairly tech savvy and plan on using the service for storage and collaborating, and want to work from multiple devices, then IDrive may be the best choice for you. If you would be willing to sacrifice some features for a simpler user experience, check out our overviews of pCloud and Zoolz.

Average rating for IDrive is 4 out of 5.

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