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ImageShield Secure Photo Sharing Review

ImageShield Secure Photo Sharing and Photo Hosting

ImageShield: Secure Photo Sharing and Hosting

ImageShield is a secure photo sharing service. Originally created to service online daters, ImageShield has an array of uses in the social media world. The problem addressed by this service is an important one: photo theft. While we upload tons of personal information to social sites every single day, we rarely think about who is looking, and copying, this information. Many dating and social site users are not aware that anyone viewing their photos can download them. Unfortunately, this also includes anyone with access to private photo albums.

This service is well suited for dating profile pictures and intimate photos. Popular dating blogger, Single Dating Diva, elaborates on the issue of sharing photos in this post: “Once you release those pictures to someone you have absolutely no control over them and what they do with them.” It’s also a solution for sharing photos of children who haven’t consented to have their private moments all over Mom’s Facebook, or anywhere else. Popular Mom blogger, The Online Mom, explains in this post: “There have been several well-documented stories of horrified parents discovering that the cute picture they took of their son or daughter was now being used in an overseas ad campaign or featured on a disreputable website.”

ImageShield is a low-cost service, offering four plans, ranging from free (10 photos) to $8.99 (unlimited) a month.

The solution is to have users upload most of their profile pictures to protected albums hosted on ImageShield’s Amazon Web Services powered platform. Users can then share the link to an album with friends, family, or potential dates via private messages or on public social sites. Users can decide to password protect their album(s) or not. As well as setting an expiration time, users can also revoke access of specific viewers at any time.

This service is simple and easy to use. However, the big deal about sharing photos with ImageShield albums is that those photos cannot be downloaded or saved by the viewer. This is the thing that sets ImageShield apart from any other photo sharing or hosting service currently available.

Things to Consider:

Are you online dating or sharing intimate photos?

Do you share photos of your children?

Is your privacy or that of your children a concern? (It should be.)

If you are sharing intimate photos with anyone then doing it with ImageShield is an obvious choice. If you don’t want to create an extensive, non-consensual digital footprint for your children, then ImageShield is an obvious choice. Sharing photos has become an important part of modern life, so make sure you do it safely.

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