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RingCentral Review – VoIP Cloud Business Phone System

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RingCentral: IP Cloud Business Phone System

RingCentral is a Cloud based business phone system for small to medium, as well as large, sized businesses. Founded in 2003, RingCentral serves some high profile clients such as Guess and BMW. They are based in California and currently have more than a quarter million clients.

One of the things that sets RingCentral apart is its rich user interface, with lots of advanced features for call routing. RingCentral will also integrate with several email and helpdesk programs, so you can make a call from inside that program. The system also supports toll free calls.

RingCentral’s service is one of the most reliable, and the Business Plan has unlimited minutes. You can use your current phone number as well as use the service on your smartphone. This service is best suited for medium sized businesses, or businesses with 20+ employees. Only because a very small company may not get the same value if they don’t need a lot of users on the account and don’t require advanced routing features.

RingCentral is based in the US, and calls to Canada do not come with international call prices. If you make a lot of calls to a particular country, you can get an international number and escape the per-minute international call price.

Things to consider:

How many user will be on your account?

How advanced are your routing needs?

Where will you be making most of your calls?

If you’re looking for reliable service, make most of your calls in North America, and require advanced call routing features, then RingCentral is the best choice for you. Looking for other Cloud solutions? Check out some of our other reviews: Xero, IDrive, Sprout Social

The average rating for RingCentral is 4 out of 5.

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