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Sprout Social Review – Cloud Social Media Management Service

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Sprout Social: Cloud Social Media Management Service

Sprout Social is a Cloud social media management service, based in Chicago. Founded by a team of four young entrepreneurs, Sprout Social is now used by almost twenty thousand brands. They currently have over two hundred employees.

One of the things that sets Sprout Social apart is the user friendly way it organizes information. Competitors like Hootsuite organize information in a spreadsheet like format that can be confusing to some. Sprout Social organizes everything into six categories: Messages, Feeds, Tasks, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports. This is super simple for the user. For example, in the Messages category, you can see messages from all of your connected profiles (like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) in one queue.

It’s easy to check off items and remove them from the queue so you can clearly see what you need to do. Sprout Social allows you to assign Tasks to other admins in your account, of course it also offers post scheduling in the Publishing category. You can also monitor relevant keywords and content in the Feeds category. Another standout feature of Sprout Social is the Discovery category. This allows you to see a list of your followers, mentions, and accounts that you’ve interacted with. Here, you can also easily unfollow inactive accounts or accounts that don’t follow you back.

Sprout Social will of course also provide you with Reports and analytics to track your progress. This comes at no extra charge. However, you are limits the number and types of accounts you can connect, which is the only real drawback to an otherwise incredibly useful and user friendly service.

Things to consider:

How many social media accounts do you have?

How important to you is the user interface?

Do you have multiple admins that will be working on your social media?

If you have one main social media account on each platform and have more than one admin cultivating your social media presence then Sprout Social is the best choice for you. Looking for other Cloud solutions? Check out some of our other reviews: Sage 50c, Zoolz, RingCentral

The average rating for Sprout Social is 4.5 out of 5.

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